Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Holy Cow! Hormones in our milk! Part 2

By the manufacturer's own admission (information printed on the product insert), use of Posilac results in increased risk for cows to develop clinical mastitis (or visibly abnormal milk); and increased risk of sub-clinical (invisibly abnormal milk).  It should be noted here that there are a number of other conditions related to Posilac listed on the label but since those are related to bovine health and not human I haven’t included them here.  Now mind you these risks-- they’re just what Monsanto ‘fesses up to- it’s not everything we need to worry about.  Supposedly our bodies do not have receptors for bovine hormones. (or just no receptors for non-synthetic ones?)  How does one then explain away fairly recent events in China?  In 2010 there was a furor because some baby girls fed on infant formula were developing enlarged breast tissue.  Worse yet in the 1980s in Puerto Rico there were multiple cases of precocious puberty in little girls.  Baby girls under one year old, not yet even walking, were developing enlarged breast tissue.  Girls as young as three developed pubic hair and had vaginal bleeding, and four year-old girls had fully developed breasts.  Boys were also affected and some had to resort to surgery for cosmetic reasons.  The situation was traced to the use of hormones in dairy cows.  Proof?  When the children were taken off dairy milk the symptoms regressed in most cases.  Check it out here. So these events are not related to synthetic hormones?  What then is the explanation?  It hasn’t happened here… yet, and hopefully it won't!  Not to worry then???  When the greater part of the developed world (Canada, the European Union, Japan, Australia and New Zealand) refuses to use rBGH in milk production, and refuses to buy our dairy products (and meat) because they say not enough research has been done, then I'd say they realize something big agribusiness and our FDA doesn't want us to know.  Land of the Free?  When it comes to our food supply, I'm not so sure.    

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